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Rocke Guns may be contacted directly via email at [email protected] or by filling out the form.

We work full time filling existing contracts and are not available for initial civilian phone consultations. We will answer all legitimate emails typically within 2 hours and will provide further appropriate contact numbers as necessary. If requested we will call your provided number, assist with package advice, and answer any/all questions. We are available via phone to our existing civilian customer base 24/7 and the same will be made available to any/all new customers.

Note: We are the nicest firearms gurus we know and understand that half of our job is educating our customers; were nice about it and further enjoy it. A large percentage of our existing civilian customer base are doctor’s and lawyer’s. When we are sick we see the doc as he/she is the expert not us. Same with attorney’s- they’re the experts in their respective fields not us. We don’t feel inadequate or silly asking doc questions and you as a qualified buyer should not be concerned about using our expertise and asking same.