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Rocke Guns provides high end complete deployment and sniper packages to the military, law enforcement, and overseas contractors. These complete packages occasionally become available for the civilian market due to intentional contract overruns. All packages on this website are available for civilian sale. Any fully automatic contract overruns will have been converted to semi-automatic configuration and will pass any/all BATFE inspections. Rocke Guns does not offer fully automatic firearms to the civilian market. Unless otherwise disclosed all packages readily take appropriate suppressors which are civilian legal in 37 states. We will assist you upon completion of sale with an appropriate suppressor dependent upon which state you reside (if desired).

Our average deployment package runs approximately 5k and can hit 15k dependent on originating contract. Rocke Guns accepts contracts by fulfilling stated requirements for each contract in specificity; specific scope, mount, firearm built per requested specs, case, deployment bag etc or by being provided specific mission requirements which we subsequently build an appropriate package for; this is by far more rewarding as we use our extensive knowledge to “cut the red tape” and build the best for each supplied scenario without being hampered/required to build packages utilizing obsolete “book” data. In either case as overruns become available they will be posted on our civilian website.

All firearms are ordered by Rocke Guns with specific requirements from various manufacturers and are non catalog items from those manufacturers; in other words you as a civilian would normally not have an opportunity to acquire the same firearm(s) we do. Each component of every package is of the highest quality, period. As you read the description of each package every item is itemized and priced with an MSRP comparison as available. We do not charge over MSRP for any individual item/package and typically are under MSRP as a whole.

ALL PACKAGES ARE PICK UP AND SHOOT PACKAGES! Every package is guaranteed flawless function utilizing provided ammunition. Every scope will be zeroed and zero disclosed in description to include main scope, backup Aimpoint/Eotech, and any iron BUIS. All firearms will have undergone an extensive barrel break in period as disclosed elsewhere. You literally will be able to pick up, load up, and shoot!