Back to some B.S. Gunriters! You have to keep a set of electronic ear muffs on your nightstand next to your bed so when someone violently breaks in your home you can wake up, put your headphones on, find your weapon, then get in the fight. So you can protect your hearing. Really. Think about it. Please don’t make me explain how stupid that is.
Gun Crank Diaries John Connor. This guy started making a decent living writing for FMG publications; American Handgunner,  Guns, etc. I originally enjoyed his odd offbeat writing style but the consistent theme in his stories was always that he was constantly “over there” or a “secret part of the African Continent” or on a heretofore unknown expedition to the dark side of Mars where ISIS was formed; always with Super Secret Squirrels you are not allowed to know about in super secret 007 danger. Even during his tenure as a writer he had to leave for an undisclosed location to conduct undisclosed Super Secret Squirrel business. Never ever stated unequivocally what, where, when, how, ex branch of service, rank, attached to; NADA. I wanna see this guy’s DD214. He suddenly  disappeared with the statement he was “zigging when he should’ve zagged” and intentionally (in my opinion)  inferred he was shot on another Super Secret Squirrel mission. Back story I get he was skiing and ran into a tree. Regardless he made a small fortune off of these stories and never provided proof to anyone any of it was near reality in it’s basest form. Shame on FMG Publications.. yep I am calling em out. Show me a DD214.

Picked up “Guns” rag with the front page blurp “Best Elk Cartridges” and a full massive interior 5 page spread on same. Keep in mind this is the 21st Century. Envelope please.. um, well.. he literally mentions EVERY 20th century cartridge from the 30-30 to .375 H&H, then signs off with “to date I’ve taken elk with 36 cartridges, .250 Savage and .30-.30 to .340 Weatherby and .375”. Five pages of diatribe on literally obsolete cartridges. No mention of the 28 Nosler nor 30 Nosler nor 33 Nosler nor any current VLD bullet or cartridge which simply, in EVERY respect, completely outclass outshoot and outkill their 20th century competitors. Period. Don’t get me wrong.. you wanna shoot an Elk with Grandpa’s .30-.30 for sentimental reasons and or you want the challenge AND you practice and know the limitations of your equipment go for it! Guess what I am saying is sift thru all the print in Gunrags and just like instructors, take what you can take and or that makes sense and discard the rest; but DON’T believe just cause it’s in print it’s gospel..