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If you are using Google as your search engine and type in “Rocke Guns” none of our awesome Feedback denoting over 5k civilian sales will show, and nothing in “Shopping” will show. Google is a privately owned company and as such “Google has shut down the ability to search for firearm dealer feedback and sales history in an attempt to dissuade sales”. The only search results you will get are negative rants from the CCR (Chatroom Chairborne Rangers) crowd whom have never purchased anything from Rockegroup, LLC dba Rocke Guns (read the expose on Chatrooms further down). To get an effective search result we recommend you use Bing, or Yahoo. To see real critiques of Rocke Guns from real people whom have actually purchased high end product from us click on the link above to Gunbroker (Google will not let you do this using their browser).


Today’s firearm consumer has been trained (by manufacturers no less) that your handgun must “fit” your hand in order to shoot properly. Pure bunk, aka pure crap. The Colt Single Action Army pistol introduced in 1873 and still produced today has the exact same pistol grip. Millions of shooters adapted to the pistol; the pistol did not adapt to the individual shooter. Wild Bill, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Annie Oakley are just a few whom made a name for themselves using the Colt. Annie Oakely was 5′ tall on a good day. Wild Bill and Wyatt Earp were over 6′ feet tall. One had teeny hands, one medium, one XL. All same grips. All experts with the Colt SAA. Yes Alex we know Wild Bill primarily carried the 1851 Navy; not the point. 1911 introduced around, gee, 1911 is produced today (109 years or so later) and still has the same pistol grip. Millions of shooters adapted to the 1911. The 1911 did not adapt to them. Beretta M9 served our military for 35 years or so. Same pistol grip used by millions of shooters whom adapted to the pistol. Numerous top tier gunslingers and gunriters actually assembled an eclectic group of pistols with different grips and discovered “grip size” and fit has nigh to no impact on “shootability”, speed, or accuracy. Keep in mind we are speaking of the same size/type of handguns across the manufacturer’s spectrum; ie, full size vs full size, compact vs compact, etc.

Regardless of pistol fit or grip a weak grip or weak shooter will never be able to optimize a pistol’s potential regardless of grip size, yet a shooter with a firm and strong grip will be able to bounce up and down the spectrum with nary a difference in performance.

In other words rather than worry so much about whether a pistol “fits” or not you should first work to enhance your grip strength. Rubber ball’s are fine but to optimize grip strength check out “Captains of Crush” grippers; and oh hey, you ain’t that strong so start with the “novice 60lb” or  “warm-up conditioning 80lb”.

Modular backstraps suck. Supposedly to fit your hand.. so what happens when you are wearing gloves? Change the backstrap? Weak handed drills; change the backstrap? Cold outside. Hands shrink. Gonna change backstrap? 110 degrees outside. Hands swell. Gonna change your backstrap? Exercise, hiking, stress; an increased heart rate will swell your hands. Gonna change the backstrap.. again? Ever had a backstrap fall off, Break off? Bend? This is so far out of hand the military has now demanded a pistol with changeable backstraps so we can “fit” each soldier individually. Let alone how farsical this is think of the supply logistics of this absurd policy. We actually have to keep an inventory of tens of thousands of replacement backstraps at supply depots and in theatre to replace lost/broken backstraps at the tune of gamillions.

What prompted this diatribe? A customer actually was buying a sub-compact 10mm pistol (G29) and stated he would have to return it cause it does not “fit his hand”. You can call this gent uninformed or simply a dumbass if you prefer but a SUB COMPACT PISTOL IS NOT SUPPOSED TO FIT YOUR HAND! It was designed and built for concealability and the smallest possible size, sub meaning “underneath or lower (smaller) than”. Means it is underneath or lower (smaller) than a COMPACT pistol which is underneath or lower (smaller) than a full sized pistol. All of which means it has a smaller magazine and round count, the smallest grip possible, and the grip itself is nothing more than a thingy to wrap three fingers around. It ain’t supposed to “fit” anything except your pocket.

Worse yet this is the type of individual you simply cannot talk to.. a “know it all” whom of course is far superior in intellect, status, wealth, experience.. or simply a dumbass.

Of course there is a BUT. There are a very small percentage of shooters with big fat mongoloid hands whom have the slide tear their skin up between the thumb and forefinger on pistols without a beavertail type grip (aka Glock). There are numerous slap on beavertail adaptors to alleviate this very small minority of oversized mongoloids (like me) without resorting to the 5 backstrap hoopla.


Let’s see if I got this right. I used to have firearms with picatinny rails and I could put whatever I wanted on the rail wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.. Now to be cool I have to have the new Keymod rail system but wait they came out with the M-LOK after the Keymod so that must be better so gimme the M-LOK till they come out with the SOCOM SYKADRALAT rail system which will be even better.. STOP. WAIT UP. Aren’t  all these new rail systems nothing but a bunch of small pieces of picatinny rail that I now need to carry a special tool to install, move, and remove? So I want to mount a light on the port side of my carbine.. let me get my pack out, fumble*&%) around for a “Keymod” piece or an “M-LOK” piece, stick it on the rail where I think it will fit properly, get back in my pack and find my “special tool” I need to install the picatinny rail piece, get it installed, mount my light, fits wrong so pull it all off and move the rail piece back two holes, re-mount, pack all my chit back up, and done! By now the sun is coming up so I might as well pull that crap all back off. Just think. I could have just mounted the sucker on my standard built in picatinny rail and saved myself all that hassle.. but hey this is the “new” model so I gotta have it!


Is awesome. We got some . We spend it on stuff we don’t need but want and is cool. Supports the economy. After 10 years jumping out of planes and helicopters and jets from C-123’s to Blackhawk’s and beyond got out.. flat broke and beat to chit. Worked our asses off, took a couple right turns in the road, had some luck, and got some dough. Can buy and carry pretty much anything we want from planes, trains, and automobiles. Goody for us. Found out along the way that if you can buy the best, do so. Trying to save money on this cheap version then trade for the next version then upgrade again.. hell you could have saved money by buying the best upfront. Don’t misconstrue what I am saying however; a $440 Glock Gen 3 G17 does not shoot any straighter or better for the average shooter than a $2000 Wilson Combat Gen5.. it’s just that some of us want that $2K WC. Makes us happy. If you cannot afford it nobody is calling you a dumbass – but just move along. We don’t want to hear your bitching either. In fact read the next post about Abraham Lincoln. It was written for you!


The most misquoted President in history. Held up high as an example by liberals and democrats whom have routinely for decades quoted parts and pieces of his speeches to further their own goals and agenda. All out of context. The real Abraham Lincoln?

“Property is the fruit of labor. Property is desirable, is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence . . . I take it that it is best for all to leave each man free to acquire property as fast as he can. Some will get wealthy. I don’t believe in a law to prevent a man from getting rich; it would do more harm than good.”

Let’s translate.. Quit bitching, quit being resentful, go out, work your ass off and acquire your own “stuff”. Then protect it from those whom refuse to do same, those whom feel entitled, those whom are professional victims.


We used to have a novella listed on how to clean your weapon; Of course Hoppe’s 9 was center stage. After over 100 years in use you can now throw out your Hoppe’s and that gurgling machine thingy “Ultrasonic” gun cleaner. Gonna piss some folks off but here’s some facts; we now shoot 6  Glock G17 pistols weekly at Ben Avery and average 200 rounds (ish) per pistol each week (1200 rounds total). We clean them once a month and each has fired at least 600 rounds by the time they are cleaned. The hours to clean were exhausting and beyond the pale using Hoppes 9, bore solvent, spray solvent, etc. Bought an Ultrasonic Wonder Machine based on Gunriter reviews and discovered they are great for that average shooter whom shoots 20-50 rounds, goes home, throws his pistol in the miracle Ultra-Hoople, pulls it, oils it, and puts it up. An Ultrasonic cleaner however WILL NOT clean an actually dirty weapon; shoot 500-2000 rounds, throw it in, and see what you get. Baked on carbon and crap, that’s what! Granted the baked on carbon and crap actually now makes it easier to clean with your Hoppe’s, bore cleaner, solvent, and patches. Science came along and introduced “water soluble” cleaners which we all immediately knew were bullcrap. No way. Well.. we took M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner, sprayed each disassembled pistol  and threw it in a plastic container. 5 minutes later we scrubbed each part piece with a nylon toothbrush AND ALL CARBON CRAP AND DETRITUS IMMEDIATELY BRUSHED OFF AND MELTED AWAY. Never in my earthly existence has any compound cleaned so thoroughly so fast. Best part? After scrubbing dump everything in a sink and rinse with hot water.. M-Pro 7 rinses off leaving you a spotless firearm part! Yeah it’s wet now. No it won’t rust. If you don’t live here in AZ where there is no humidity and everything dries post haste get your wife’s hair dryer and dry em yourself! As an aside Gunriters keep advertising these products as “water based” which might be slightly misleading. They ARE water soluble but contain chemicals that melt the worst on a firearm; go ahead and soak your feet in some “water based water soluble” M-Pro 7 and let me know how it turns out..


But shoot what you want, what you are comfortable with; you know the one that actually makes a hole appear where you aim. The one that makes you happy. Do so with the realization the Glock 9mm is the best defensive weapon in the world. And since this is random thoughts what is with this PC defensive crap? I can cite a dozen instances lickety split where the pistol is the obvious offensive choice over an M4.

Shot a 1911 for eons and would not give it up. Trained and worked with Blackwater and numerous top tier trainers and training agencies whose employees shot G19 and G17 pistols. While they were shooting, I was doing mag changes. While they were shooting, I was clearing malfunctions. While they were putting two rounds on target for each of my one rounds during a non-standard response, I was the “man” because I shot .45 ACP. When I really did man up and did a Benjamin Franklin “close” I never looked back.

Facts: The 9mm, .40 S&W, and the .45 ACP have the exact same killing and debilitating effects in real life shootings. Non negotiable. Fact. Proven. Not theory. Percentile wise each are indistinguishable from each other using current manufacture quality hollow point bullets. Puhleeze send Alex back to his chatroom. You are not in Afghanistan. You are not shooting FMJ.
The 9mm has less recoil enabling you to get on target faster, holds more rounds, more concealable, more reliable, lasts longer, better ammunition availability, parts availability, ad infinitum yada yada.


Yeah. The same FBI that mandated for decades their sniper platforms had to have 24″ barrels while their shooters screamed for 20″. The same FBI that after exhaustive studies mandated the 10mm pistol as standard issue whilst their agents begged and clamored for the G19 and G17. The same FBI that could not admit it’s bureaucratic egotistical decision maker whom crammed the 10mm down their throats made a boo boo so simply said we will water down the 10mm and voila here ya go the all new and improved .40 S&W which was slightly better but will beat the crap out of you during a real training session using real loads so overall led to a further decline in agent firearm proficiency. Good news that non shooting decision maker finally retired which led the FBI back to the 1911 .45 for a brief period of time until finally, voila, 14 years after the initial request the FBI is now issuing the Glock G17 and G19. In 9mm. Whoo Hoo.

But…the FBI being the FBI with their “Father Knows Best” bullcrap demanded changes to the Glock platform to make it better. Cause the FBI knows better than Glock what makes a pistol go bang and shoot straighter. More puhleeze, but Glock abided for the FBI “M” pistol and further carried it over to the civilians as their Gen 5. Everyone needs to run out and buy a Gen 5 immediately until the Gen 6 comes out when you need to dump your Gen 5 and get a new one with more enhanced polygonal enhanced barrel rifling so you will shoot better. Or not. The Gen 5 and the Gen 6 do not shoot any straighter, faster, nor have less malfunctions between rounds than the Gen 3. Another period.


Yep, you gotta get a Gen 5 cause the barrel is more accurate and it will make you a better shooter! No it will not. Nor will a match barrel in a Glock G19 or G17 out perform an OEM Gen 3 barrel for that matter. Simply too much going on but let’s talk trigger “pull” alone. The only realistic way you are going to see any difference in barrel accuracy is with the firearm rested and or supported and with an awesome single action trigger enabling the firearm sights for all practical purposes to be immobile when the primer ignites. Which not only was this pistol specifically NOT designed for but we specifically never address as we are tactical shooters with the mindset we train to use lethal force to stop opponents. Meaning kill them and or at the least knock them down so they are no longer a viable threat to us. Meaning you ain’t a bullseye shooter and neither is the G19.


Keep in mind these are “Random Thoughts” interspersed with opinion. Mine. Intent is not to open an email diatribe cause you think you know better or read some CCR Chairborne Chatroom Ranger BS. We are shooters. Each of us shoot a minimum of 620 pistol rounds each per week at Ben Avery, 2666 rounds per month, 31,992 per year, per person, minimum. On paper we actually break 38,000 rounds every year, pistol only as we sneak in a few extra days each month. A quick Google search shows the candy ass CCR crowd screams BS on anyone shooting 30k pistol rounds per year as it is impossible, improbable, yada yada. Whatever. Like I said we’re shooters. Shoot or chat? The numero uno mouth piece on one of the chatrooms has 77,772 posts as I write this. Over 77,000 posts and proud of it. That’s 385,000 minutes of average posts. 6,416 hours of posts. 267 full days of posting 24 hours per day if it were possible. Average out the guy is on the web chatrooms 6 hours a day for years.. how much shooting does this King Klown have under his belt, what type of employment you think he has, how much real world experience in anything do you thing he has? And you listen to him? Luck with that! We show up at Ben Avery with a 3 gallon bucket which carries exactly 72 Glock G17 magazines each loaded with 17 rounds of Winchester 115 grain FMJ ammunition. 1240 rounds. We run thru our tactical drills using six Glock G17 pistols, each identical. Why 6? We scream thru our drills and the pistols get hot. Smoking hot. Add 112 degree temps and they will not cool off, so we run down the line as each gets toasty. Ok so now you either know we shoot or are full of crap whichever your life experiences choose you to believe. In addition we train with other “experts”. Some are, some ain’t. Blackwater, The Site, Gunsite, Trident Concepts.. heck each year Jeff Gonzales comes out and we take the same course with him, typically with the same people. On average one person per course graduates his class while the rest of us are “attendees”. Although LTC Blish (owner of Robar) has strived for three years to become anything other than an attendee he has routinely failed to do so; mostly because someone whom shoots on his left side routinely throws one round in his target at the 25, out of center, which is an instant DQ. Pretty Funny. We take a pic of his target each year after Gonzales marks it with “DQ” and signs it then post it in our team room. OK, garage. Don’t tell Blish as this is the only thing we have to keep his ego in check…