Let’s see if I got this right. I used to have firearms with picatinny rails and I could put whatever I wanted on the rail wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.. Now to be cool I have to have the new Keymod rail system but wait they came out with the M-LOK after the Keymod so that must be better so gimme the M-LOK till they come out with the SOCOM SYKADRALAT rail system which will be even better.. STOP. WAIT UP. Aren’t  all these new rail systems nothing but a bunch of small pieces of picatinny rail that I now need to carry a special tool to install, move, and remove? So I want to mount a light on the port side of my carbine.. let me get my pack out, fumble*&%) around for a “Keymod” piece or an “M-LOK” piece, stick it on the rail where I think it will fit properly, get back in my pack and find my “special tool” I need to install the picatinny rail piece, get it installed, mount my light, fits wrong so pull it all off and move the rail piece back two holes, re-mount, pack all my chit back up, and done! By now the sun is coming up so I might as well pull that crap all back off. Just think. I could have just mounted the sucker on my standard built in picatinny rail and saved myself all that hassle.. but hey this is the “new” model so I gotta have it!