Is awesome. We got some . We spend it on stuff we don’t need but want and is cool. Supports the economy. After 10 years jumping out of planes and helicopters and jets from C-123’s to Blackhawk’s and beyond got out.. flat broke and beat to chit. Worked our asses off, took a couple right turns in the road, had some luck, and got some dough. Can buy and carry pretty much anything we want from planes, trains, and automobiles. Goody for us. Found out along the way that if you can buy the best, do so. Trying to save money on this cheap version then trade for the next version then upgrade again.. hell you could have saved money by buying the best upfront. Don’t misconstrue what I am saying however; a $440 Glock Gen 3 G17 does not shoot any straighter or better for the average shooter than a $2000 Wilson Combat Gen5.. it’s just that some of us want that $2K WC. Makes us happy. If you cannot afford it nobody is calling you a dumbass – but just move along. We don’t want to hear your bitching either. In fact read the next post about Abraham Lincoln. It was written for you!