Yep, you gotta get a Gen 5 cause the barrel is more accurate and it will make you a better shooter! No it will not. Nor will a match barrel in a Glock G19 or G17 out perform an OEM Gen 3 barrel for that matter. Simply too much going on but let’s talk trigger “pull” alone. The only realistic way you are going to see any difference in barrel accuracy is with the firearm rested and or supported and with an awesome single action trigger enabling the firearm sights for all practical purposes to be immobile when the primer ignites. Which not only was this pistol specifically NOT designed for but we specifically never address as we are tactical shooters with the mindset we train to use lethal force to stop opponents. Meaning kill them and or at the least knock them down so they are no longer a viable threat to us. Meaning you ain’t a bullseye shooter and neither is the G19.