Yeah. The same FBI that mandated for decades their sniper platforms had to have 24″ barrels while their shooters screamed for 20″. The same FBI that after exhaustive studies mandated the 10mm pistol as standard issue whilst their agents begged and clamored for the G19 and G17. The same FBI that could not admit it’s bureaucratic egotistical decision maker whom crammed the 10mm down their throats made a boo boo so simply said we will water down the 10mm and voila here ya go the all new and improved .40 S&W which was slightly better but will beat the crap out of you during a real training session using real loads so overall led to a further decline in agent firearm proficiency. Good news that non shooting decision maker finally retired which led the FBI back to the 1911 .45 for a brief period of time until finally, voila, 14 years after the initial request the FBI is now issuing the Glock G17 and G19. In 9mm. Whoo Hoo.

But…the FBI being the FBI with their “Father Knows Best” bullcrap demanded changes to the Glock platform to make it better. Cause the FBI knows better than Glock what makes a pistol go bang and shoot straighter. More puhleeze, but Glock abided for the FBI “M” pistol and further carried it over to the civilians as their Gen 5. Everyone needs to run out and buy a Gen 5 immediately until the Gen 6 comes out when you need to dump your Gen 5 and get a new one with more enhanced polygonal enhanced barrel rifling so you will shoot better. Or not. The Gen 5 and the Gen 6 do not shoot any straighter, faster, nor have less malfunctions between rounds than the Gen 3. Another period.