But shoot what you want, what you are comfortable with; you know the one that actually makes a hole appear where you aim. The one that makes you happy. Do so with the realization the Glock 9mm is the best defensive weapon in the world. And since this is random thoughts what is with this PC defensive crap? I can cite a dozen instances lickety split where the pistol is the obvious offensive choice over an M4.

Shot a 1911 for eons and would not give it up. Trained and worked with Blackwater and numerous top tier trainers and training agencies whose employees shot G19 and G17 pistols. While they were shooting, I was doing mag changes. While they were shooting, I was clearing malfunctions. While they were putting two rounds on target for each of my one rounds during a non-standard response, I was the “man” because I shot .45 ACP. When I really did man up and did a Benjamin Franklin “close” I never looked back.

Facts: The 9mm, .40 S&W, and the .45 ACP have the exact same killing and debilitating effects in real life shootings. Non negotiable. Fact. Proven. Not theory. Percentile wise each are indistinguishable from each other using current manufacture quality hollow point bullets. Puhleeze send Alex back to his chatroom. You are not in Afghanistan. You are not shooting FMJ.
The 9mm has less recoil enabling you to get on target faster, holds more rounds, more concealable, more reliable, lasts longer, better ammunition availability, parts availability, ad infinitum yada yada.