We used to have a novella listed on how to clean your weapon; Of course Hoppe’s 9 was center stage. After over 100 years in use you can now throw out your Hoppe’s and that gurgling machine thingy “Ultrasonic” gun cleaner. Gonna piss some folks off but here’s some facts; we now shoot 6  Glock G17 pistols weekly at Ben Avery and average 200 rounds (ish) per pistol each week (1200 rounds total). We clean them once a month and each has fired at least 600 rounds by the time they are cleaned. The hours to clean were exhausting and beyond the pale using Hoppes 9, bore solvent, spray solvent, etc. Bought an Ultrasonic Wonder Machine based on Gunriter reviews and discovered they are great for that average shooter whom shoots 20-50 rounds, goes home, throws his pistol in the miracle Ultra-Hoople, pulls it, oils it, and puts it up. An Ultrasonic cleaner however WILL NOT clean an actually dirty weapon; shoot 500-2000 rounds, throw it in, and see what you get. Baked on carbon and crap, that’s what! Granted the baked on carbon and crap actually now makes it easier to clean with your Hoppe’s, bore cleaner, solvent, and patches. Science came along and introduced “water soluble” cleaners which we all immediately knew were bullcrap. No way. Well.. we took M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner, sprayed each disassembled pistol  and threw it in a plastic container. 5 minutes later we scrubbed each part piece with a nylon toothbrush AND ALL CARBON CRAP AND DETRITUS IMMEDIATELY BRUSHED OFF AND MELTED AWAY. Never in my earthly existence has any compound cleaned so thoroughly so fast. Best part? After scrubbing dump everything in a sink and rinse with hot water.. M-Pro 7 rinses off leaving you a spotless firearm part! Yeah it’s wet now. No it won’t rust. If you don’t live here in AZ where there is no humidity and everything dries post haste get your wife’s hair dryer and dry em yourself! As an aside Gunriters keep advertising these products as “water based” which might be slightly misleading. They ARE water soluble but contain chemicals that melt the worst on a firearm; go ahead and soak your feet in some “water based water soluble” M-Pro 7 and let me know how it turns out..