There was this commentator a couple decades ago who was famous for this line “and now, for the rest of the story!”. Paul Harvey. Here’s the “rest of the story”. Chatroom’s are FOR PROFIT and generate substantial income from advertising. Take or or whomever.. the more people “chatting” the more money they make; ie it is in their best interests to get as many posts and people online as they can. They then take these numbers to advertisers such as Remington, Colt, Vortex, Gunwerks, etc and extoll the benefits of advertising with them; “why Mr. Remington as you can see there are 12,432 people online RIGHT NOW all gun buyers “chatting” about guns and if you advertise with us all 12,432 people will see your advertisement and everyone will buy your product and you can sign up today at a special reduced cost with a 2 year contract and plus we will send you a ginsu knife for only $55,552 payable in quarterly installments” .

Pretty awesome. And smart. Problem is they have to promote people “chatting” and the chats gotta be monitored or “moderated”. So they need “Moderators”. Where do you get a “Moderator”? You make moderators out of those whom have the most posts, or “chat” the most. Their power (and problem) is that a moderator can delete any post he wants, slant a “thread” to go where he wants, and in addition delete his own feedback! I’m agonna tell a true funny/sad story in a minute BUT understand there IS a place for chatrooms and they can and do provide a valuable service as an information seeking tool when used properly; unfortunately “General” threads are routinely from anonymous nameless societal outcasts aka “haters” whom frankly have no true knowledge but just gotta bitch. All the time. And yet oddly portray themselves as “knowledgeable”..

By the by my name is Kurt Klimek and my address is on our FFL and all of our business licenses. No anonymity here.. anyhoo, so this great client calls us up a couple years ago and say’s hey there’s a really funny rant about Rocke Guns on you gotta read it! So I do and I’m honestly kinda p.o.’d (irritated). Then I read it again and I am laughing my arse off! A month later I am still laughing about it and go to copy the entire thread to publish and post; not so funny now. The moderator had deleted 1/2 of the posts leaving only negative rants..

It went along the lines of “Rocke Guns sells fake guns they’re not real they were “take off’s” from used Delta (Special Forces) M4s” then someone else piled on and another and another all like little piranha trying hard to impress each other with how smart each little piranha was.. and then the fun started. A member typed in “oh yeah, they’re all fake. They are all Airsoft!”. Then another.. “hey Google his address; Rocke Guns is in a 2 million dollar plus 12 acre compound. Yeah, that’s fake too!” Another jumped in with “is this the gun dealer we love to hate this month?” followed by one of our customer’s ” I bought six pistols from Rocke Guns and never had a problem”. Well.. when we went to print this out ALL the comments that were positive or were poking fun at all the little piranha had been deleted.. by the moderator.. whom it turns out had started the thread.

And the moderator? He has over 70,700 posts. Think about that. 70,700 posts. Who has time to post 70,700 times? Do you really think this guy is a shooter? You think he has trigger time? Gainful employment? True knowledge based by actually doing? Any LE or military experience?

Point? Anonymous CCR Klowns whom have never purchased anything from Rockegroup, LLC should be taken exactly as they portray themselves. Wanna see what what real customers are saying about Rockegroup, LLC and their 2 million plus inventory? Get off your Google browser, go to Bing.. or click on the REAL Gunbroker review link at the top of this page!