Being simplistic, I say again being simplistic, having the ability to put numerous rounds in a kill zone in an extremely fast and efficient manner at close distance under pressure negating or killing said threat. Numerous rounds in an extremely fast and efficient (accurate) manner. At contact distance to 30 feet. Yet you practice shooting one round, looking up over your pistol to see where you hit, lowering your head and shooting another round, raising your head to see where you hit again. Hey If I gotta get in a gunfight can I choose you? Step off 30′ and have some kid show you how fast he can cover it and then stick you in the neck with a Benchmade. Numerous rounds in a split second all on target to negate the threat. Not one. Numerous rounds. Then some more until I am positive you are out of the fight. Thousands of documented cases where opponent’s were shot dozens of times and stayed in the fight. Quit looking keep squeezing. Or pressing. Or whatever is currently in vogue that you do to a trigger to make it go bang.