There is a percentage of the population that has acquired perceptions that simply cannot be corrected regardless of fact or evidence. As an example an intelligent individual whom is an RN, has a couple degrees to include business accolades has routinely stated if she was confronted by a bad guy/gal she would shoot em in the leg. Say whatever you want to say you cannot change her mind. On the semi bright side she does not own nor carry a firearm. Recent events caused her to change her thought processes and take a CCW class and a separate shooting class with the goal to acquire a “self defense” pistol. Upon her graduation(s) and additional training she still stated she would just “shoot em in the leg”. Overwhelmed with frustration I finally asked her to have me stand at whatever distance she felt she would feel compelled to shoot the threat “in the leg” and whenever she felt ready to draw her pistol to engage. At 10 feet it was a no brainer for me to beat the draw and in a simulated fashion kill her. How fast can you cover 10 feet? As fast as you can blink; which is why all tactical self defense training is center mass shots again as Kerry say’s “for the most part”.