Every pistol must have night sights. Statistically the first thing a shooter replaces on their pistol are factory sights for night sights. A multi-million dollar industry revolves soley around night sights so they gotta be a must have! Well, not so fast.. let’s think about this. For the 5th time we are not in Afghanistan! Name one situation where you can legally, morally, or ethically engage a target as an LEO or civilian and not KNOW what you are shooting. Night sights allow an enhanced view of your sights in dark environments. They do not illuminate, define, nor identify whatever you are pointing at and afraid of. That’s why you have a Surefire under the G17 right? And when you turn it on and identify the target the night sights are useless right? Now you are using the front post and rear sight window silhouetted in the light, not night sights. That said our pistols do have night sights on them specifically Trijicon HD Orange. I personally find them invaluable on the weekends as I get up before my significant other; as I go into the closet the night sights allow me to find my pants at a glance (since my G17 is belted and holstered on them) slip them on, and depart the AO without her knowing I am up since no lights were turned on. Priceless.