You go ahead. I’ll just kill you with my pistol. Whom came up with that happy crappy and regurgitated it in print? Why am I going to fight my way to a long gun? Again you are not in Afghanistan cleaning the crappers cause you got an Article 15 and need to fight to the team room for your “long gun”. Let’s talk home defense. An M4? AR? Shotgun? Fer what? A civilian legal AR platform has a 16 inch barrel which makes you a whack job for using it when you hear a bump in the night. Think contact distance fight. I hope YOU have an AR so I can kick your ass with my G17. All day. I am more maneuverable, have easier light access, can use one hand independent of the other without sacrificing lethality (oh yeah, we practice one handed too Alex), and am proficient. Shotgun? “Yeah when they hear me rack the slide it will send shivers up and down their spine and they will crap their pants and run”; or when they hear you lumbering around to get that 52 inch long thingy and you “rack the slide” they just shoot you. Duh.