Ok, we are the first to admit we do not follow our own advice (but we do have a reason). Compensated pistols should not be used in the tactical self defense arena, yet all of our carry and practice firearms are Gen 3 LE issue Glock 17C and 19C. Compensated Glock’s expel surprisingly voluminous amounts of gases and debris thru the barrel and slide ports. In a contact distance fight your pistol may not be extended at all and as it discharges while held close to the body these gasses may/will head straight for the eyeballs which will seriously impede your ability to stay in the fight. In addition any Glock Compensated pistol will become shockingly filthy at an indescribable rate in comparison to a non comp Glock. The average shooter gains nothing worthwhile overall when going to a compensated pistol; but for a serious voluminous round count shooter whom wants to put out an inordinate amount of ordnance to stop a CQB threat the compensated pistol will allow several more rounds per split second (yeah Alex split second). So it works for us, and we train to use the compensated pistol at contact and take measures to alleviate expelled gas issues.