Our range has target slots at 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50 yards for pistol shooting. And where do you all set up? First time shooters set up at 25 yards (whom knows why), experienced repeat shooters set up at 10 or 15 yards, and Rockegroup sets up at 5 yards. Why 5 yards? cause they won’t let us set up at 2 yards. Alex is going apeshit now.. see I told you they were frauds they wanna shoot at 2 yards arggghhh! What are you training for? Ask anyone up and down the line and you will hear self defense 99% of the time. If so you should be training at contact distance cause odds are that’s where your fight will be. You are not in Afghanistan, so stop now. How many of you training at 15 yards (45) feet have any room in your home that long? Thanks to Obama these well known gunfights years ago spring readily to mind; the “Gentle Giant” which led to the Ferguson debacle after investigation proved the fight and subsequent shooting occurred inside the door of the police vehicle. At contact distance. Trayvon Martin? Contact distance. FBI statistics show more than 50% at contact distance. Keep training at 45 feet. Good for you. Yes we train at all distances but 90% of our training revolves around reality. So 5 yards. 15 feet. Cause we can’t put targets at 2 yards. Let’s really twist Alex up now! We also train at 200 yards with our pistols admittedly cause it is fun. Put a silhouette at 200 yards and I guarantee a hit within 3 rounds. Standing up. With a G17. As Kerry say’s “for the most part”.