Now you know we have trigger time and some experience, so here’s some cheap advice and insight based on what we see each week. Sunday AM we stand in line at Ben Avery to be the first shooting group. Within an hour over 100 shooters are on line, week in, week out. Not one pistol shooter drops his magazines on the ground and does any type of actual real life my god I’m in a firefight reload. As each mags ammo is expended the magazine is carefully removed and placed on the table whilst another is sought and is carefully inserted in the magazine well. Erstwhile, Rockegroup’s magazines are bouncing off the concrete, being stepped and stomped on, and kicked out on the range in the sand. Oh yeah; did I mention? They are Glock plastic magazines bouncing hither and yon. 72 of them by the time we are done, all on the ground. Pick em up, take em to the shop, reload em, back in the bucket. No mag malfunctions, never bothered cleaning em either. How’s those steel mags holding up? Let me enter a funny story here.. so one of the drills we do is a malfunction drill; tap, rack, and roll. We insert a fresh full mag, fire one round, pretend there is a malfunction and tap, rack, and roll. So you fire one and eject one, then fire, then tap rack and roll which ejects another live round at which point we fire the subsequent round and repeat till dry. It is a drill which expends every other round.. so an old know it all coot walks over and says “you know you wouldn’t have so many malfunctions if you didn’t drop all your magazines on the ground!”. Funny or sad? He reckons he is a Gunslinger but does not know of nor practice a malfunction drill. One more true story out of thousands which is germane to our topic. Marine goes to Iraq, firefight, insurgent down and crawling, Marine is alone, runs dry, does mag change the way he was taught which is remove magazine, open mag pouch, insert expended magazine in ammo pouch, remove full magazine, enter into carbine, release catch, reacquire target and resume fighting. Which takes a lifetime of seconds in a life or death situation. Marine while doing his mag change the way he was taught thousands of times which takes forever seconds was shot by the “down” insurgent through the guts into the spine. Lived. Is paralyzed. Forever. He is the first to declare unequivocally if he had dumped the mag and done a “speed” reload he would still be good to go. You will fight the way you train; so why are you not dumping magazines? By the by the military at the time (all branches) never told any of us magazines were expendable.. we all did the same.